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View the latest customer testimonials! Our team pride themselves on a high-quality service, so we are always happy to receive feedback about our work.

  "I have stayed at Farndale Court for the past 2 years and do not regret it at all. I came here for a few reasons. First of all is the transport links. I can be anywhere in London within the hour. Secondly is the fact that I have my own personal space that includes the wet room which is so convenient! The third and final reason is the staff. They are friendly and atten  

- Sam Hilton, Ravensbourne Student

  I was a resident of Farndale for two years and it has given me many different experiences! The main thing i enjoyed about Farndale was the community. Everybody knows each other and they're all friendly! I made some good friends from neighbouring flats and if i hadn’t chosen to stay at farndale i may never of met these people. It’s got good transport links and a ma  

- Dom Mortimer, Student

  I've had a great time at Farndale court. I've met lots of great friends. Can't believe it's over.   

- Nye Banfield, Student

  “Farndale Court is in a great location. So close to London for the night life but far enough away to concentrate on work. I would recommend Student Management Services to everyone.”   

- C.Sherzy, Student/Drama